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TRD174 10 Hours (Full-Day) • 1 City • 7 Places

Regular Konya Tour By Train or Bus

Konya city is a perfect option with mant attractions such as; Alaaddin Mosque, Mevlana Museum, Karatay Madrasa and 9000 years old Catalhoyük Neolithic City.


From Ankara
Mevlana Museum, Karatay Madrasah, Sircali (Full Grain) Madrasah, Alaaddin Hill, Konya Archaeological Museum [...]

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TRD73 7 Hours (Full Day) • 1 City • 5 Places

Izmir Jewish Heritage Tour

If you are planning trip in Izmir, join our Jewish Heritage tour. Visit Beth Israel, Ashkenazi, Portugal synagogues, Dario Moreno Street, and much more.

Daily Private

From Izmir
Beth Israel Synogogue, Dario Moreno Street and His House, Asansor (Elavator), Kadife Castle, Kemeralti and The Street of Synagogues

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